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Doubt [card game]


It is a doubt of the card game. The rules are simple to doubt, but it is a game that requires thinking Read Trump put out their opposition.
This app can be anywhere to play Doubt easily.
Please play by all means.
■ rules of Doubt Rules Overview It is a victory hand if there are no all.
I am losing hand will become 30 pieces.
Doubt you can after each user is issued in place of the center playing cards, and decide whether or not to doubt a certain period of time.
The order is transferred to the next player if you do not doubt for a certain period of time.
Rule Details Trump will use 52 cards in total.
Allocate at random by 13 pieces of each user, to COM1, COM2, COM3 it.
It starts from the user, the order of play will continue to play each clockwise.
Trump to be able to give the play a single is up to four.
Number of cards put out in a field of middle comes out.
It does not have to be issued even out the playing cards as this number. Please take out your favorite playing cards.
However, put out a number of playing cards other than those specified, the other players and the doubt, Please note playing cards of the field in the middle becomes a thing of the user.
It is one round exit go sequentially repeated these, hand of someone lost, and more than 30 pieces.
Score is attached to each player depending on the result of the game.